Super Brightening Eye Serum

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Brightening Eye Serum
with vitamin B3
Firming & smoothing Eye Serum
Tightening Eye Serum
Anti-aging Eye Serum
Anti-wrinkles Eye Serum
Lifting Eye Serum
Help reduce crow feet serum
Puffiness removal Eye Serum

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NAC ANTI-AGING SKIN REPAIR SERUM with Niacinamide (vitamin B3)


The founder of the Super Brightening Eye Serum as well as the brand WIDCosmetics is a renown scientist and was researching for a long time to find a formula to target young ladies of 18 years old with tiny crow feet as well as older ladies. These tiny crow’s feet progress at late twenties. Fighting these tiny crow’s feet at younger age may be beneficial before crow feet become distinct at late twenties of age. This formula Super Brightening Eye Serum could help stop progression of these tiny crow’s feet if it is used consistently. However, this formula is for all ages and all races.

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Properties/ingredients: Super Brightening Eye Serum pairs the powerful combination of ingredients in our Eye Complex 4 with the soothing properties of Vitamin B3. Together, the eye area is brighter, smoother, and firmer. Wrinkle blur helps reduce the appearance of fine lines such as crow’s feet, and this fragrance-free formula is great for even the most sensitive skin. Lightly scented with Lavender Hydrosol to prevent irritation caused by synthetic fragrances without being
too strong to cause discomfort.

Beneath the make up, the state of the art Super Brightening Eye Serum of “WIDCosmetics” can be used under the foundation to make the area around your eye brighter, firmer, and smoother. We offer the best quality, effecient, and safe our superior eye serum. We wish to shape the future of beauty of all young as well as older age women. Beauty is future of all women at all ages.

How to use Super Brightening Eye Serum: use a small pump in the morning, evening, or beneath makeup.

Use a small pump in the morning, evening, or beneath makeup.

Super Brightening Eye Serum

Beauty means a lot for many people, because beauty can definitely give you the confidence that you need. Young ladies as well as women at all ages are looking for the best product that act to diminish the crow’s feet that start early in life at 18 years old. When you start earlier to fight crow’s feet, then you will succeed to maintain your beauty. Our Super Brightening Eye Serum is superior formula that show short term or instant results as well as long term. Our unique winkle blur works to solve crow’s feet around the eye instantly or for short term, while our unique complex 4 works for longer term to get rid of wrinkle around the eye. Vitamin B3 is a strong antioxidant/anti-aging works to smooth and firm area around the eye. Lightly scenes lavender Hydrosol prevents irritation caused by synthetic fragrances without being too strong to cause discomfort even for the most sensitive skin. Super Brightening Eye Serum is superior and unique eye serum as well as firming and smoothing.


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